Create radio button in Tkinter Python

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by vinitharaguram dot icon Updated: Jul 20, 2023

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The Python Tkinter library has a widget called Tkinter Radiobutton. It enables users to choose one item from a group of limited options. It is a component of the Tkinter family of input widgets. It is used in GUI applications to give users a choice among many options. Only one button can be selected at a time while using the Radio button widget, which has many buttons. A circle appears when the button is clicked and shows a radio button's selection status. The previous button is removed if another button within the same group is selected.  


It enables users to choose a single variable from a list of alternatives. It has been predefined, ensuring that only one option can pick one at a time. This feature makes it particularly useful in situations. It is where the user's choice needs to be offered only a few choices. 


There are many situations in which the radio button can be used, such as:  

  • Single-choice selection  
  • Preference settings  
  • Form input  
  • Filtering and sorting  
  • Multistep methods, and  
  • Game interfaces. 

Radio buttons offer several design options:  

  • Simple text labels,  
  • Image-based options,  
  • Customization possibilities to match the theme of the GUI application. 

This allows for more dynamic and interconnected user interfaces. Modifying Colors, fonts, and borders can customize radio buttons. It allows developers to create appealing and consistent interfaces. Radio buttons use a selection indicator to represent the selected option. 


The tkinter buttons can suit specific design requirements. The text displayed next to each Radio button can be customized. You can change the font type, size, active & normal colors, and alignment to match the desired style. You can change the radio button indicator's size, shape, and color. It represents the selected variable option. This allows you to create unique check button styles. It aligns with your application's visual design. 


Tkinter provides style class options to customize the Radio button's appearance further. You can change the background, foreground, border color, and width. These properties enable you to match the Radio button with the theme or color scheme. Instead of using text labels and line text, Radio buttons can be customized. It displays icons, graphical or image objects. You can associate an image option or icon with each Radio button option. It helps enhance the user experience. 


Radio buttons can be bound to mouse cursor key presses to trigger custom actions. It provides layout managers. It allows you to control the arrangement of Radio buttons within the GUI interface. You can customize the layout to align Radio buttons in rows, columns, or grids. This allows you to retrieve and manipulate the selected. 

Here is an example of Create radiobutton in Tkinter Python