How to create horizontal and vertical bars in Bokeh.

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by dot icon Updated: Aug 23, 2023

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Bokeh is used in photography to represent the aesthetic quality of the out-of-focus area in an image. This is about how the blurry lights look in the picture.

It makes it look soft. Bokeh originates from the Japanese term boke, which means blur or haze. Bokeh is desirable in certain types of photography, as it helps isolate backgrounds. The main subject stands out and draws the viewer's attention to it. Photographers often use this effect in portrait photography. It helps keep the subject's face clear and in focus. In macro photography, it accentuates the details of small subjects.   


Effects of Bokeh:   

  1. Subject Isolation: Bokeh helps isolate the subject from distracting or busy backgrounds. It makes the main subject stand out and draws the viewer's attention.  
  2. Depth and Dimension: Bokeh adds a sense of depth and dimension to graphs, enhancing it.  
  3. Artistic Element: Bokeh contributes to the artistic appeal of the photograph, providing.  


Bokeh is an essential artistic element in photography. It elevates images by creating soft, pleasing backgrounds that isolate the subjects. By experimenting with different lenses, apertures, and shooting techniques, photographers can use Bokeh.  


By mastering the techniques and understanding the nuances of bokeh photography, photographers. It uses powerful images to make the audience feel and remember strong emotions. It is a powerful tool in the photographer's arsenal, providing their creativity.   

Here is the example of how to create horizontal and vertical bars in Bokeh.