How to handle events in Pyglet

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by Abdul Rawoof A R dot icon Updated: Aug 23, 2023

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Pyglet is a library that helps you make games and multimedia apps using Python. The API is easy to use. It helps manage windows, take user input, render graphics, and play multimedia.  


Pyglet is primarily used for creating interactive applications with graphics and sound. It allows you to create windows and manage user input, such as keyboard and mouse events. You can easily draw graphics on the screen using shapes, images, and text. Pyglet can play audio and video files, so it's good for making multimedia apps. Pyglet attractions have events for everyone. They have family-friendly and themed events for adults. 


Here are some examples of the types of events you might find:  

  1. Family Fun Day: Kids can enjoy games, face painting, and balloon animals at Family Fun Day. Kids can also enjoy live performances and rides. This event aims to provide an entertaining experience for families.  
  2. Circus Spectacular: A themed event that showcases circus acts, acrobats, jugglers, and clowns. The performance is thrilling, and there are fun attractions for kids and adults to enjoy.  
  3. Science and Technology Expo: The Science and Technology Expo is an educational event. It has interactive exhibits, workshops, and demonstrations. The focus is on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Visitors can do activities and learn about science in a fun and engaging way.  
  4. Cosplay Extravaganza: The Cosplay Extravaganza is a fun event. People can dress up as their favorite characters. They can choose characters from movies, TV shows, video games, or books. At the event, you can enter a costume contest, snap photos, and go to talks with cosplay experts.  
  5. Beer and Wine Festival: The Beer and Wine Festival is a special adult event. It features different types of beers and wines from around the world. Guests can try different drinks, join tasting sessions, and listen to live music or shows.  
  6. Outdoor Movie Night: Come to Outdoor Movie Night! It's family-friendly. Bring blankets and chairs. Watch classic or popular movies under the stars. During the event, there will be food vendors and popcorn stands. People can also enjoy other fun activities while watching the movie. 
  7. Food Truck Festival: An event where you can try different types of food from various trucks. Guests can try various tasty foods and listen to live music and entertainment.  
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  10. Music Festival: The Music Festival lasts several days and has live music in many genres. Attendees can enjoy multiple stages, food stalls, and a vibrant atmosphere.  

To handle window events, check the event queue for new events and call attached handlers. Once an event handler finishes processing an event, it passes the event to the next handler. But if the handler returns EVENT_HANDLED, the event stops going any further.  


To start the main event loop, use When you close all windows, it will finish. A commonly used event dispatcher is pyglet.window. The event dispatcher queues relevant events. Then, generate the handlers and call them in the order. 


Using the methods above to attach an event handler to a dispatcher will replace the current handler. The original handler will no longer receive calls. You can use images, video, and sound files in different formats. You can add the optional plugin to get more features. It supports audio formats and Windows Media Audio.