How to use delete from function.

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by dot icon Updated: Oct 27, 2023

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SQLite is a popular, lightweight, and self-contained relational database management system. It is a serverless, file-based database. This is because it doesn't need a separate server process to manage the database. In addition, the host's file system stores the entire database in a single file. SQLite is helpful in various environments due to its simplicity, speed, and efficiency.   


Security Features of SQLite:  

1. Encryption Extensions  

SQLite supports encryption extensions like SQL Cipher. This provides the ability to encrypt the entire database file. With an encryption extension, the data stored encrypts in the database. Thus making it harder for unauthorized users to access or decipher the data.  

2. Encrypted Database Files:  

When using encryption extensions like SQL Cipher, the database file encrypts itself. Thus ensuring data remains confidential even if unauthorized individuals obtain the file.  


3. Secure Password Protection:  

SQLite allows you to set a password to protect the DB file from unauthorized access. Encrypt the file with a user-defined password, and the database will be inaccessible without the correct password.  


4. PRAGMA Key: 

With SQLite, you can use the PRAGMA key statement to set or change the encryption key. This allows you to manage and update the encryption key as needed.  



Some builds of SQLite can be compiled with the SQLITE_HAS_CODEC option. This enables encryption capabilities. This option helps in conjunction with encryption extensions like SQL Cipher.  


6. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL/TLS) Support 

SQLite supports SSL/TLS to encrypt data transmitted between the database and clients. Thus enhancing security for client-server configurations.  

7. File System Permissions 

You can control the SQLite database file access by setting appropriate permissions. Restrict read and write access to authorized users and use OS-level security features.  


In conclusion, SQLite is a valuable tool in your daily work. It offers a combination of simplicity, efficiency, and versatility. SQLite can help you streamline your work, improve productivity, and manage your data. This applies to managing data for a small application or developing a complex system. Its flexibility and portability make it an essential database engine for various projects. 

Here is the example of how to delete from function.