How to use Scrapy Link Extractor?

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by dot icon Updated: Aug 17, 2023

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A Scrapy Link Extractor is a powerful tool used in web scraping to extract links from HTML web pages. Scrapy is an open-source Python framework used for extracting data from websites. The Link Extractor is one of its built-in components. It allows you to locate and extract URLs (links) present in the HTML code of a web page.  

Tips for using Scrapy Link Extractor: 

1. Basic Link Extraction:  

  • Import the necessary classes: Import Link Extractor from extractors.  
  • Create a Scrapy Spider: Define a spider class inherited from Scrapy Spider.  
  • Set the start URLs: Initialize the spider with one or more starting URLs.  
  • Define the parse method: Install the parse method using the Link Extractor.  

2. Domain and Path Restriction:  

  • Use allowed domains parameter: Set this list to restrict link extraction.  
  • Use allow parameter: Specify regular expressions to restrict link extraction-based.  

3. Extracting Link Text:  

  • Set tags and attrs parameters: Use these to specify the HTML tags and attributes.  

4. Callback Functions:  

  • Define callback methods: Install separate methods to process extracted links, making your code.  
  • Use follows links parameter: Set this to True to follow the links and apply the callback function.  

5. Advanced Features:  

  • Using Crawl Spider: For complex websites, consider using Scrapy's Crawl Spider. which allows you to define rules for link extraction and following.  
  • Link Depth Control: Set the depth limit parameter to control how deep the spider is.  
  • Unique Links: Use the unique parameter to prevent duplicate link extraction.  
  • Regular Expressions: Use regex patterns to match and extract specific types of links.  
  • Customizing User Agents: Set the user agent header to simulate different web browsers.  


In conclusion, the Scrapy Link Extractor is a foundation in the framework. It enables web developers and data enthusiasts to extract links from web pages. This versatile tool simplifies the process of link identification and extraction, offering benefits. Users can set up a scraping workflow using the Scrapy Link Extractor. Its customization options include domain and path filtering and regex pattern matching.  

Here is the example of how to create a Scrapy Link Extractor using Python.