How to use the scatter method of plotting in Bokeh

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by vsasikalabe dot icon Updated: Aug 29, 2023

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Bokeh is an introduced Python library like D3.js. Web browsers use it for interactive data visualization. The scatter() function creates a basic scatter plot in Bokeh. 

Users can choose the data to plot, pick colors and markers, and set other plot properties. Bokeh can plot hexagonal tiles, often used to show binned aggregations. The hex_tile() method takes a size parameter. It is to define the size of the hex grid and axial coordinates to specify which tiles are present. The best feature that Bokeh provides is interactive graphs and plots. It targets modern web browsers for presentations. HoloViews is a high-level plotting library. It creates interactive plots with simple syntax and minimal effort.   


To make a scatter chart with more than one legend, we should use the circle to figure objects. The ColumnDataSource() function converts the data into a format accepted by Python bokeh. Since this is a stand-alone HTML page, it references BokehJS. It can be passed to a co-worker for exploration or posted online. You can see various visualizations and decide how to apply these techniques to your data. The main purpose of the Bokeh server is to synchronize Python objects. To make web apps that connect to PyData libraries such as NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, and sci-kit-learn.   


Bokeh goes as far as describing itself as an interactive visualization library. Bokeh makes elegant and concise charts with various charts. Bokeh uses JavaScript to render visual graphics. It makes a great option for building web-based dashboards and applications. (Unlike its counterparts Seaborn, matplotlib, and ggplot.) It helps you build beautiful graphics. (Ranging from simple plots to complex dashboards with streaming datasets.) Bokeh is a very interactive library. It provides interactivity functionality to the graphs and also to static plots.   

from Bokeh.plotting import figure   

The Bokeh.plotting module uses the figure class to create a new plot. Consider the 'data' to be the random y values. We measured those data values at the x positions. We must make a from our grouped data and create a. Since our x-axis will list the five countries. We need to tell the figure how to handle the x-axis. The main purpose of the Bokeh server is to synchronize Python objects. Web applications in a browser accomplished this.