Pandas dataframe search string in the entire row

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by vsasikalabe dot icon Updated: Feb 28, 2023

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We have to create a data frame for searching a string. Print the data frame by using pd.Dataframe(). df[search_string] method searches a string with a lambda expression. Here the search term is Jones. If this string is present, the value is set to 1; otherwise, it is 0. 

In Pandas, the contains method searches a column for a specific substring. The contains method returns boolean values for the data frame. If the original data frame value contains the substring, it is set to be True; otherwise, it is false. In Python, pandas.DataFrame.apply() can be used with lambda to execute a particular expression. In Python, a lambda function is a small unnamed function that can take any number of arguments and execute an expression. We can create one by using the lambda keyword. In Pandas, with the help of the lambda function, we can add any function to any row or column. 

  • First, create a data frame (df) 
  • Use df.apply() to apply the search function to the axis of the data frame. It returns the matching string. 
  • Use df_list.append() to search string elementwise. 
  • Use pd.concat() to concatenate the data. 
  • Print the data frame to get the output of the matching string. 

Here is an example of how to search string in the entire row in Pandas Data frame: