Pygame sprite collision detection

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by vsasikalabe dot icon Updated: Apr 7, 2023

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We first need to know how pygame detects collisions between sprites to implement collision detection. In pygame, every Sprite has a rect or “rectangle” object. This rectangle object has the same width and height as the Sprite to represent its boundaries. The background border line is created for the Sprite. It follows some specific properties like height, width, and colour. In Python, import sys access system-specific parameters and functions. 

Next, the player class is defined. The is a class in Pygame. It is also used to hold multiple Sprite objects. It also defined methods for collision detection and made the positions to update and render sprites much easier. Any image is represented using a Pygame Surface. Creating surfaces in a pygame is quite easy. We apply the height and the width to pygame.Surface() method. We can also use various methods to format our surface. For example, to draw shapes, we can use pygame.draw(), and to fill on the surface, we can use surface.fill() method. The collided function is used to detect the collision between the sprites. If the Sprite moves left from the background, it is displayed in the terminal as left. The same action is performed on all sides. The event is occurred by the mouse motion. 

Here is an example of how to detect collisions between sprites in PyGame: