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11 best C# Search Engine libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

C# Search Engine libraries are very useful in helping developers to build search engines. There are many libraries available for the purpose and they can be used to build search engines. These libraries provide the functionality to search books, e-books and scientific articles from different repositories like PubMed, Google Scholar etc. The user can easily search for a specific document, filter the results based on different parameters and download the result as a file or save it in an XML file. The most popular C# Search Engine library is Lucenenet which is open source and a very flexible tool. Lucene can be used to build a full-blown search engine or just for simple tasks like searching for keywords in a string. SymSpell is a lightweight spell checker library for .NET written in C# which uses the Microsoft Word dictionary data files as its source of verification against words from any other dictionary file or any custom word list file (e.g., Wikipedia). Resinis a simple but powerful indexer that supports many features such as fuzzy search, spell checking, and auto-correction. It also works well with Unity's built-in filesystem API and allows you to customize how your data is stored in memory through a custom implementation of IStorageProvider. The entire list of open source C# Search Engine libraries are provided below.