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8 best Go SPA libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

The use of Go SPA libraries like nico, leaderboard-app, srv, spago, gin-spa makes it easy to build and maintain a single-page application. This can be done by using these libraries to build the frontend part of your application. If you want to create an application with a single page layout and data access layer (DAL), then you need to use one of the above SPA libraries. While there are many benefits of using Go SPA libraries like nico, leaderboard-app, srv, spago and gin-spa in your application development it is important to understand that these libraries are not the only ones available. We can build our own custom Go SPA framework using any of the custom libraries available out there. Nico is the most popular Go library for building web apps. Easily create single page apps powered by Node.js and native iOS and Android components using HTML/JS. Leaderboard-app is a realtime server-rendered React component framework that allows you to build high performance applications that look great on all major browsers without compromising on performance. Spago is the minimalistic yet powerful open source micro-framework for building fast and maintainable servers for your backend. It provides HTTP 1xx error handling out of the box with little effort on your part!
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