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6 best PHP SPA libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

The use of PHP SPA libraries like laravel-vue-spa, sanctum, spa-starter-kit, laravel-vuetify-spa-starter make it easier for developers to build web applications. SPA (single page application) is a web app that loads content into the browser from a single HTML file and uses JavaScript to create interactive experiences. Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks in the world. It is used for building web applications using the same codebase and it has been used by many developers for building complex websites and applications. Spa Starter Kit is a collection of Laravel components that can be used to build a SPA. It comes with pre-configured templates, scaffolding tools and a bunch of handy PHP classes. Laravel-vuetify-spa-starter-kit is a framework that helps you to deploy Vue.js applications on Laravel 5.6 and above with npm, webpack and Parse Server. Laravel-vue-spa provides a simple way to setup an SPA using Laravel 5 and Vue.js 2. It also provides the ability to create your own components, mixins and directives. SPA Starter Kit is an opinionated collection of Laravel components that can be used to build SPAs. It comes with pre-configured templates and scaffolding tools, as well as some handy PHP classes.
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