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13 best Java SQL Database libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

Java is a programming language that is used to create applications for various platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, UNIX and Linux. SQL databases are the most common data storage systems for modern web applications. They are the backbone of any web application. Java SQL Database is a language-independent, vendor-neutral, technology-neutral specification intended to standardize the interaction between a database management system and a programming language. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API provides the ability to interact with databases that support the SQL standard. Java-JDBC is a pure Java package that provides both a JDBC driver and a rich set of classes for building and manipulating SQL statements, as well as for accessing data from relational database management systems. There are several popular Java SQL Database open source libraries available for developers: dbeaver - Free universal database tool and SQL client; questdb - open source SQL database designed to process time series data; zeppelin - Webbased notebook that enables datadriven.