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AI Fake News Challenge-Test File

by kandikits

Category 1

Simply run the kit by adding some rows with the news article of your choice to the 'fakenewstest.csv' file to showcase the model prediction

Category 2

Test the model with the different categories of Fake News in different domains like climate, politics, entertainment, healthcare, and education using kaggle etc

Category 3

Create a web scrapper application that has a labeled training dataset (similar to 'fakenews.csv') file. Use Factly to validate and use similar platforms to prepare the input and check models response accordingly

Category 4

Create a Dashboard which classifies the news article as Fake or Real along with stats on with the model's probablity score of how well it determines a certain news into a fake or real class

Category 5

Showcase a use case that can work with fake news post on Whatsapp, Twitter & Facebook. Making a chrome extension for the same
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