Brick Wall with Border-collapse Alternatives

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by Abdul Rawoof A R dot icon Updated: Feb 5, 2024

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  A brick wall with border-collapse alternatives can use JavaScript and HTML in various situations. Here are a few illustrations:   

  • As a game   
  • As a graphic component on a website or web application   
  • As a design feature, you might use a brick wall to create distinct sections of material on your website  
  • To represent data in a visually appealing way, you may use a brick wall as a data visualization  

To create a brick wall with border-collapse alternatives using JavaScript and HTML, one of the solutions we could produce is as follows:  

  • with border-collapse, each row represents a separate table.  
  • border around half of the cells, top borders removed from all cells, and a border added to the top of the top row.  

Each row is treated as a separate table, with only inside-row border-collapse possible. You can only rely on the two borders or the box shadow to prevent interacting with the container.  

Here is an example of how you might implement this: 

Fig 1: Preview of the output that you will get on running this code from your IDE.



Follow the steps carefully to get the output easily.

  1. Create html file in your IDE.
  2. Create a body tag then copy the code snippet using 'copy' button and paste it inside the body tag in that HTML file.
  3. Then keep the css lines and div lines inside the style tag(refer preview of the output for your reference).
  4. Save and run your html file directly from your file location.

I found this code snippet by searching for "Brick wall with border collapse attributes", you can try any such use case!

Environment Tested

I tested this solution in the following versions. Be mindful of changes when working with other versions.

  1. The solution is created in Visual Studio Code 1.73.1.

Using this solution, we are able to do an Brick wall with border collapse attributes with simple steps. This process also facilities an easy way to use, hassle-free method to create a hands-on working version of code which would help us to do an Brick wall with border collapse attributes.


1. What is a brick wall layout in web design?

A brick wall layout is a design pattern where elements on a webpage are arranged. It is a staggered or irregular grid-like pattern, resembling the layout of bricks in a wall.


2. What is a border collapse in CSS?

Border collapse is a CSS property used to control the collapsing of table borders. It determines whether adjacent table cells should share borders or have their borders.

3. Why might I want to use a brick wall layout on my webpage?

A brick wall layout can create visual interest and a dynamic flow on a webpage. It's often used for showcasing images, content tiles, or portfolio items in a non-linear.

4. Are there any libraries or frameworks that facilitate building brick wall layouts?

There are CSS frameworks and libraries, such as Masonry.js and Isotope.js. It is designed for creating dynamic grid layouts resembling a brick wall. These libraries offer features like responsive design, animated transitions, and flexible grid arrangements.

5. What are the drawbacks of using border-collapse for a brick wall layout?

border-collapse can be used to achieve a brick wall layout by collapsing borders. It may limit design flexibility and customization options. The tables for layout purposes are not considered best practice in web development.


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