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Build your Trusted Bitcoin Wallet Application using reusable libraries

by sureshbabu

Bitcoin Wallet Application For trading in cryptocurrency using Bitcoins, a wallet is necessary to store your Bitcoins. You can create your own customized bitcoin wallet. There are multiple components required to build a Bitcoin wallet. These components are required for standard functions like authentications, user profiles, QR code scanner, Push notifications etc. and Bitcoin specific functionalities like address generation, bitcoin exchange rate information, bitcoin trading platform. Bitcoin Wallet Application built using reusable libraries like rest-api-cryptocurrencies-rates, Crypto-currency-converter, crypto-java. Wallets are usually categorized into two groups: software wallets and web wallets. Software wallets are installed on your computer or mobile device and allow you to send and receive bitcoins from them. Popular open-source libraries include:

Exchange rates

The bitcoin rates, fluctuations and exchange rates against each currency.

Bitcoin trading platform

Exchange mechanism to communicate with various Bitcoin exchanges
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