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Hangman Game using Python

by Somya_23

Hangman! - a great game for improving your vocabulary and spelling. How to play? Hangman is a guessing game for two or more players. One player thinks of a word, phrase or sentence and the other(s) tries to guess it by suggesting letters before the man hangs completely. Next part is how to make this game via python such that we enjoy playing it? So, don't worry, we have various open source python gaming libraries that actually helps to provide amazing user interface, providing us a better experience.

Kit Deployment Instructions

step 1: Install Pycharm using the link below. step 2: download main.py, hangman_words.py, hangman_arts.py step 3: open these files in Pycharm and you are good to run.


The source code of the hangman game is here, just click to explore. Also you can make your own version of hangman, maybe you can add meaning of words as well, to learn different words and improve upon your vocabulary with fun. GitHub


To make the game interesting and engaging, we used some of the difficult to guess words in this game, source to that module is GitHub


To keep it simple, yet interesting, we have started with the very basic implementation of Hangman using ascii art symbols, the file code is GitHub

The Modules and code used in Hangman

The randint() method returns an integer number selected element from the specified range. This module helps us to make our game quite unpredictive for users.

Python gaming Module

Python PyGame library is used to create video games. This library includes several modules for playing sound, drawing graphics, handling mouse inputs, etc. So, let's level up our hangman game using this awesome module.

Open sources to make hangman and other games using pycharm

To make your hangman game more interesting, you can use pygame module, here is some of the amazing open sources to make some of the most famous and interesting games using pygame module.
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