Eliminating Tuples from List of Tuples based on a given Criterion

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by Abdul Rawoof A R dot icon Updated: Feb 22, 2023

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To remove a tuple from a list of tuples, we can use the del keyword that can be used along with the tuple list and pass the element's index to it, and this method also deletes an entire tuple from the list. 

In Python, use the "del statement" to remove a tuple from a list of tuples, e.g. del list_of_tuples[0]. This operator takes the item's index to be removed and deletes the items at the end of the index. It removes the item or an element at the user-specified index location of the item from the list, but what we removed is not returned as it includes the pop() method. The del statement can remove a tuple from a list by its index and slices from a list of tuples. The all() method has been used to specify a predicate that all tuple members must be less or equal to the corresponding element in the list f. The all() method will short-circuit its testing of a list of tuples as soon as one of its members does not pass the tuple member or list member <= sub-predicate. Note that I added a (1, 9, 1) tuple for an example where the first tuple element passes the sub-predicate (<= corresponding element in f), whereas the 2nd tuple element does not (9 > 5). When we want to remove duplicates from the list of tuples, any method, the loop, and the enumerate method can be used to remove those duplicates in the list of tuples. 

Here is an example of how to eliminate tuples from a list of tuples based on a given criterion in Python: 

Fig : Preview of the output that you will get on running this code from your IDE.



Follow the steps carefully to get the output easily.

  1. Install python on your IDE(Any of your favorite IDE).
  2. Copy the snippet using the 'copy' and paste it in your IDE.
  3. Run the file to generate the output.

I hope you found this useful.

I found this code snippet by searching for 'how to eliminate tuples from list of tuples based on a given criterion' in kandi. You can try any such use case!

Environment Tested

I tested this solution in the following versions. Be mindful of changes when working with other versions.

  1. The solution is created in PyCharm 2021.3.
  2. The solution is tested on Python 3.9.7.

Using this solution, we are able to eliminate tuples from list of tuples based on a given criterion with simple steps. This process also facilities an easy way to use, hassle-free method to create a hands-on working version of code which would help us to eliminate tuples from list of tuples based on a given criterion.


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