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Getting started with Data Analysis Kit

by kandikits

Data Analysis is a process for obtaining raw data and subsequently converting it into information useful for decision-making by users. The need for analyzing data to utilize it in different application areas has been in great demand. This kit has been curated with ✅ Easy to use open source repos to get you started ✅ popular and easy to use Data Analysis specific libraries ✅ Collection of Data Analysis resources - blogs, books, tutorials, and more ✅ Example program on Data Analysis in Jupyter (Recording of the training session provided)

Pandas for Data Analysis

Pandas adds data structures and tools designed to work with table-like data (in the form of Series and Data Frames)

Python Libraries for Mathematical Computations

NumPy allows to easily perform advanced mathematical and statistical operations on multidimensional arrays and matrices.

Kit Solution source Link

Here's a project with the installer, source code, and step-by-step tutorial that you can build in under 30 mins. Example project on Weight Conversion in python Link for getting started with Python Kit Basics of Python Programming