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Getting started with Python Kit

by kandikits

Python is a programming language that is both simple and powerful. It may be used to create web and desktop applications, scripts, and more. Python syntax, functions, console and web program development, and distribution are all included. This kit has been curated with. ✅ Easy to use open source repos to get you started ✅ popular and easy to build python games for all ✅ Collection of Python resources - blogs, books, tutorials, and more ✅ Example program on Weight Conversion and more (Recording of hands-on training session provided)

Libraries for Arcade Python Games

Design 2D video games in python like minesweeper, Pico-8 and other two player and multi-player games

Advance Level Games in Python

Interesting libraries for you to experiment with making games like pysoy which is used for 3D game engines. Games such as Civilization-IV, Disney’s Toontown Online, Vega Strike, etc. have been built using Python. Use this link tutorial link to help you get started