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Home Automation Using Reusable Libraries

by Raji

As technology advances, so are the individuals. People are leveraging technology to make their houses smarter. Smart Houses are gradually shifting from conventional switches to a centralized control system, involving remote-controlled switches operated through mobile phones. Home automation helps in saving electricity by scheduling the time of turning on and off all electrical appliances that we are using in our day-to-day life. With a complete home automation system, we can save energy and money. Listed below are the best libraries that can be reused. This kit aids the development of Home Automation by following the below steps. 1. Select a Development Environment of your choice 2. Idea on Relay Modules 3. Compute Embedded Automation 4. Create Routines and Automation 5. Knowledge of IoT(Internet of Things)

Development Environment

Arduino IDE is used for the development of Home Automation. Arduino IDE is used to get a desirable experience for the user and upcoming developers. It is a cross platform and also flexible to save and upload the programs to the board.

Internet of Things

IOT is a Advanced Technology used for Transferring data within the external devices. IOT is recommended technique for Smart Home automation.

Routines and Automation

The following libraries are used to perform Home Automation. Home Automation system controls the entire home devices via mobile applications.

Embedded Automation

Embedded automation is used to perform specific desired tasks with high reliability and efficiency.

Home Automation Libraries

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