How to use bitmaps (small images) in Tkinter Python

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by vigneshchennai74 dot icon Updated: Jul 10, 2023

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A Tkinter bitmap is also known as a bitmap image or a photo image identifier. It is a powerful tool in Python GUI development. It lets you incorporate graphical representations, including bitmap images, into your applications. Tkinter is a GUI toolkit that provides comprehensive support for working with bitmaps.  


When it comes to creating bitmaps in Tkinter, you have various options:  

Image bitmaps:  

  • Create bitmaps from existing image files (PNG, JPEG, GIF, etc.).  
  • Use the Tkinter-compatible photo image identifier to display these image bitmaps.  

Text and shape bitmaps:  

  • Draw and fill shapes like rectangles, circles, and polygons to create custom bitmaps.  
  • Customize graphical objects to suit your specific needs.  

Controlling bitmaps in Tkinter includes different tasks. Bitmaps can change their dimensions. Data can be copied and pasted between them, and new bitmaps can be made from existing ones. The Bitmap Image class gives strategies and properties to play out these activities. Bitmaps can be converted into other formats. It makes it possible to work with image memory or PIL image memory.  


Tkinter is a platform-independent bitmap handling solution. It ensures consistent behavior across various systems. Bitmaps, like the Canvas widgets, can be incorporated into custom within Tkinter GUI. It provides you access to more advanced graphical capabilities.  


Bitmaps are generally utilized in different applications. It includes improving edges or bitmaps for the high-level window or window supervisor. It shows graphical items inside a GUI. They permit dynamic behavior based on user interactions and can events and commands. You can, for instance, associate a particular action with a bitmap when it is clicked on or hovered over.  


Tkinter's support offers developers a range of options. It enhances the visual appeal and interactivity of their Python GUI applications. You can create engaging user interfaces by utilizing image, text, and shape bitmaps. Tkinter's bitmap capabilities provide the necessary tools to create appealing and dynamic GUIs.