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Jet Fighter Using Reusable Libraries

by Supraja

The jet fighter is a combat flight simulation game, where the player's combat jet aircraft fly in space against the enemy force. The objective of this game is to give the player a real-time experience of piloting. The energy level of the player will decrease every time the enemy force hits the player's combat. To increase his energy level, a player can capture the gems in the space, and on every hit on the enemy's combat jet, a player will get the point. Once the player's energy level drains out, the game is over, and the final score will be displayed. Libraries listed below are some of the famous libraries available over multiple platforms and programming languages like Java, Python, and JavaScript. Steps tp create your own Jet Fighter game 1. Visually Impaired Supported Jet fighter. 2. 2D Jetfighter. 3. Android, Web Jetfighter. 4. 3D Jetfighter. 5. Multi-player Jetfighter.
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