How to Make a for-loop More Understandable in Python

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by vsasikalabe dot icon Updated: Jan 31, 2023

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A for loop in Python is a control flow statement that allows you to iterate over a sequence of items, such as a list, tuple, or string. Here are a few ways to make a for a loop more understandable in Python:  

  • Use meaningful variable names: Use variable names that accurately describe the data that the variable holds.  
  • Use comments: Add comments to explain the loop’s purpose and the operation performed on each iteration.  
  • Use whitespace: Use whitespace to separate the different parts of the loop, such as the for statement, the ‘in keyword’, and the loop body.  
  • Break down the loop body: If it contains multiple operations, consider breaking them down into separate steps.  
  • Use list comprehension or generator expression: List comprehension and generator expression are concise ways to express the loop operation and make the code more readable.  
  • Use the enumerate function: As mentioned before, using the enumerate function to get both the index and the value of the loop variable makes the code more readable.  

For more information about making a loop more understandable in Python, refer to the code below.