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Remote Patient Monitoring Using Reusable Libraries

by Supraja

Good health is critical to lead a happy life. Pandemic has caused drastic changes in the existing health care system. These times, there are many difficulties in taking care of patients in person because of safety. It is hard to treat a lot of patients in person. A doctor can consult patients remotely without the risk of transmitting the infection. Thus we need to appraise the situation with remote monitoring systems and video consultation of patients. These are not only for the pandemic situation. Patients from another country can consult a doctor present in another country swiftly with this system. Build Smart Healthcare Patient Monitoring using below steps: 1. Development Environment 2. Data Analysis 3. Mobile Application

Data Analysis

Following are the libraries which help in data analysis. We need an ESP8266 wifi module, MAX30100(Heart rate and Blood Pressure), Dallas temperature Sensor, DTH11 Sensor.

Development Environment

Arduino is used for writing and uploading the program and storing the data in the cloud. So Arduino is used for getting the typical experience of IDE for the developer.

Mobile Application

Users can use the following libraries to check the patient's temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, humidity level.
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