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Rock, Paper, Scissor game

by raji

One of the most eminent traditional games that ruled our childhood is the rock paper scissors game. Rock paper scissor is an awesome hand game usually played by two persons. Simultaneously each player forms one of three shapes with a hand. The shapes are rock(a fist), paper(palm facing downward), scissors(forming v shape by extending the index and middle finger). Rock smashes scissors, and paper covers rock, scissors cuts paper. The advancement of technology brought this traditional online game. We are living in the digital world. Why don't you create your own game? Yes, you can create your own rock paper scissors game with the help of the bellow libraries. This kit aids the development of Rock, paper, scissor games using python by following the below steps. 1. Select a development environment of your choice 2. Explore data structure for the complete functioning of the game 3. Map game moves 4. Create and maintain Win-lose Matrices 5. Build game loop 6. Game instructions 7. Handle player input 8. Build input menu for asking "help," "possible moves," "quit." 9. Manage player's and computer's move 10. Affirm and announce the winner

Development Environment

Pycharm and Jupyter NoteBook are used for development. Pycharm offers code analysis, an integrated unit tester, a graphical debugger. Jupyter Notebook is a tremendous web application that allows us to share and create documents that consist of live code, colloboration.

Rock, paper, scissor game loop

From the programming perspective, one of the most crucial components of any game is the game loop. The game loop permits the game to run smoothly regardless of a user's input or lack thereof. The game loop is liable for maintaining a string of matches between players.

Data Structure and Algorithm

Data Structure is an essential part of any computer algorithm. As they allow programmers to manage data efficiently. Most programming languages have some library mechanism that permits data structure implementations to be reused by different programs. Modern languages generally come with standard libraries that execute the most common data structures.