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Smart farming using reusable libraries

by Deepu

Agriculture is the primary occupation around the globe and is the backbone of the country's economic system. It is producing food, fiber, and many other desired products by cultivating and raising domestic animals. Climate changes will significantly impact agriculture by increasing water demand and limiting crop productivity in areas where irrigation is most needed. Irrigation systems, rain-fed agriculture, groundwater irrigation are methods introduced to produce healthier crops that may not use water efficiently. Water can be used by implementing an intelligent system that has to be designed. Farmers need not manually make the water flow into fields in the system, but the system automatically does that efficiently. The technological advancements began to increase the efficiency of production remarkably thus, making it a reliable system. The knowledge of the properties of soil determines the water supply to be driven in a smart way. The practice of agriculture in a smart way helps to acquire knowledge of soil and temperature conditions. Listed below are best libraries that can be reused to create smart farming applications.