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Smart Parking System Using Reusable Libraries

by Supraja

Searching for parking spaces in the cities, especially during the rush hours, is an arduous job for daily commuters. The demanding situation arises from not knowing if the parking space is available or not. A lot of time and energy is drained in searching for a car parking space. Fuels consumption on searching parking space is also high. Even if we knew the parking place, many vehicles might pursue minimal parking space to cause severe traffic congestion. With open-source libraries, we can build our own intelligent parking system. Build your own intelligent parking system by following below steps: 1. Development Environment 2. Data Analysis 3. Mobile Application

Development Environment

Arduino is used for writing and uploading the program and storing the data in the cloud.

Mobile Application

Users can use the following libraries to check the status of parking spaces using mobile instantly.

Data Analysis

Following are the libraries which help in data analysis. These libraries use IoT(Internet Of Things) and some hardware tools like Radar sensors, Arduino, Raspberry Pi.
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