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Sudoku game using React JS

by raji

One of the most intellectual indoor games which keep the player engaged is Sudoku. Sudoku is a classic logic-based puzzle game. It requires a keen focus of mind and a logical vision. It is a number-placement game where you will be given a 9*9 grid which contains sub-grids of nine 3*3 matrices. The ultimate goal is to fill a grid with numbers from 1 to 9 in such a way each of its rows and columns contains each number exactly once. The outgrowth of technology in the last decade brought this intriguing game online. How about you creating this brilliant Sudoku game? How about building this complex game in a single-page application like React? Sounds interesting! Isn't it? Let's get into it with the help of the following libraries. This kit aids the development of Sudoku games using React by following the below steps. 1. Choose a development environment 2. Create a 2D array 3. Set up a track to look into the game's progress 4. Set up a track to determine the number of conflicts left 5. Create a component to indicate the connection between cells 6. Write a script to indicate connections using signals 7. Manage user's input 8. Create a component to drag and drop the numbers 9. Set up the tools to perform operations 10. Do the scripting to track the history of actions done

Development Environment

React is used for development. With React, it becomes easy and simple to develop an interactive UI. The state management in React makes the process of developing an application more flexible.

Graphical user interface

GUIs act as intermediaries to communicate with your device through UI components. In React, building UI components gets easy with the aid of CSS. React can be used for desktop applications and mobile applications as well.

Puzzle Solver

The puzzle-solving is simplified by creating cell components that throw signals indicating the relationship or connection between similar cell components using different colors.

Puzzle generator

Generating a puzzle is one of the key steps in creating a logic-based game. State management in React optimizes the puzzle generation.
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