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Tank Fight Game

by Dashini

As we are in the digital era, real-time video games are ruling the young generation. Tank games are one of the addictive games of this generation. The objective of this game is to destroy the enemy's tank with our tank, which will decrease the energy level of the opponent. Similarly, our energy level will be reduced when the opponent attacks us with their tank. The attacking capacity ultimately depends on the energy level. The more is the energy level, the high is the attacking capacity. Following are the steps to be followed for building Tank Fight Game, 1.Graphic design & Sound effects 2.Firing and exploiting the tanks 3.Customize control over keyboard 4.Multi-player 5.3D Tank game

Customize control over keyboard

Key mapper is an open-source library that allows users to use a key or combination of keys to perform a specific action, which can be used for navigating and shooting. The below libraries can help you to create your control.

Graphic design & Sound effects

Listed below libraries help in creating the best graphic design and sound effects for gaming applications using python, C#, JavaScript, which can be used to design tanks, animate the movement of tanks, explosion of tanks, and display energy level bars.

Firing and exploiting the tanks

Random module, an open-source library, generates a random number provided the range, which can be used for firing and exploiting the tanks, decides the playing turn at the start of every game.


Tank game can be played as multiplayer by using the below libraries. Multiplayers will play on the game field they shoot each other. The more is the energy level. The high is the attacking capacity.