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Tetris Game

by Dashini

Tetris has established itself as a famous game since the early video games. Even though the game looks simple requires intelligence and skills to play. The gameplay consists of tiles or tetrominoes of different shapes and a game field grid. The game's objective is to position the tiles in the game field, which fills the grid. The disappearing line will grant points. Accumulated points help users to move a level up. Once the game is over, the final score will be displayed to the user. Following steps to be followed to build your own Tetris game, 1.Create Blocks for Tetris 2.Graphic designs 3.Multi-player Tetris 4.Creating customized Game field 5.2D Tetris 6.3D Tetris 7.Control keys

Create Blocks & Graphics

Listed below libraries help in creating the best graphic design for gaming applications can help the moving tiles across the game field, selecting colors for tiles, making different shapes of tiles using different sizes of arrays, and matrix rotation. In the case of a single-player game, the game gets over when all blocks are formed such that no lines are disappearing.

2D Tetris Game

2D games are titles with only two axes of motion. Typically, these are "flat" games where you can move left and right up and down. You can create a 2D Tetris game using the below libraries.

3D Tetris Game

Players control multiple falling blocks, positioning and rotating them to clear layers in a three-dimensional environment similar to Tetris gameplay. You can create a 3D Tetris game using the below libraries.

Creating own Game field

The libraries listed below help to create custom matrices for the Tetris game.

Multi-player Tetris

Listed below libraries helps to build a multi-player Tetris game, two players will play on their game field one who gets more scores will win the battle.

Control Keys

Key mapper is an open-source that allows users to use a key or combination of keys to perform a rotation and move, which can be used for navigating. You can create your keys to play using the below libraries.
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