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Traffic Control Using IoT Using Reusable Libraries

by Supraja

Worldwide, traffic on the roadways is a concern due to increasing automobile users. It also causes wastage of fuels and increases pollution. Traffic lights have become redundant in controlling vehicles. There are hundreds of accidents due to malfunctions of traffic lights in India alone for a day. Mentally, traffic increases the stress and frustration among people. Let us think of making it innovative and efficient in controlling the motorway. Are you thinking of providing a solution to this issue? Following libraries will help you on this, 1. Development Environment 2. Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Following are the libraries which help in data analysis. These libraries use ultrasonic sensors and IoT technology.

Development Environment

Arduino is used for writing and uploading the program and storing the data in the cloud. So Arduino is used for getting the typical experience of IDE for the developer.
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