Translate a 3D Object in JavaScript

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by Abdul Rawoof A R dot icon Updated: Mar 2, 2023

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In JavaScript, 3D models are used to portray real-world and conceptual visuals for art, simulation, drafting, and art and are integral to many different industries, including virtual reality, 3D printing, video games, etc.


A 3D model comprises vertices that come together to form a mesh and act as the core of the 3D model in JavaScript, and then each point on the model can be manipulated to change the shape in JavaScript. The software identifies the location of each vertical and horizontal point by using coordinate data, all relative to a reference point, and js is one of the popular 3D game engines used by developers to develop different games. As with any other 3D library in JavaScript, it provides some built-in functions to help us to implement common 3D functionality more quickly. 3D shapes are solid shapes or figures with three dimensions in geometry. The length, width, and height are the dimensions of 3D shapes, that is, three-dimensional shapes. The common names are cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder, and sphere. 

Here is an example of translating a 3D object in JavaScript: