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Unity 2D racing game

by raji

Playing games has always been fun, just like coding! There is something about games, which grabs everyone towards it with its fascinating visuals, engaging obstacles to reach victory. You could have played plenty of games like these which were terrific, but how about creating your very own game? How about designing a racing game? Here is one of the most exciting games called Unity 2D Racing. Unity 2D Racing is a single-player game in which a player controls the car on a road path. Some hazards like clouds will pass by the road to make the game bit tough for the player. Besides, a player must also be cautious about not getting into the potholes that appear on the road. Listed below are the best libraries that can be reused. This kit aids the development of the Unity 2D racing game by following the below steps : 1. Pick a Development Environment! 2. Begin with Unity 2D project 3. Set up background sprite 4. Create a script to do the background scroll 5. Add cloud materials 6. Create a 2D controller 7. Sort the layers 8. Create a script for the controller 9. Add Canvas in the UI 10. Create a script for managing the UI 11. Design a Graphic Raycaster in Unity.

Controller for our unity 2d racing game

Scripting is one of the critical parts of Unity 2D racing, in which we do scripting for controlling an object. A controller is a crucial element that handles the input from a player and then holds an object in a game accordingly.

Development Environment

Unity Hub is used for development. Unity is generally a game engine framework that allows you to create two-dimensional(2D) and three-dimensional (3D) games. C# programming language has been used for scripting in Unity.

Graphic Raycaster

The graphic Raycaster will decide on the end of the game. Generally, Raycaster inspects the graphics to determine if any objects got hit by the canvas. If an object hits the hazard, the Graphic Raycaster will block that object and finish the game.