Unveiling a Powerful Open-Source Food Delivery App Solution

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by alvinaliaqat7 dot icon Updated: Mar 27, 2024

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This article details the journey of Enatega, an open-source food delivery app solution, now available on the github platform. We've adapted Enatega to seamlessly integrate with github's open-source infrastructure, empowering entrepreneurs to launch their own food delivery ventures.

Our Shift to Open Source

Four years after navigating the complexities of proprietary software, we're thrilled to announce Enatega's open-source availability on github, side project of ninjas code. This move fosters a collaborative environment and empowers businesses to establish their own food delivery services.

Enatega's Advantages

  • Simplified Setup: Enatega streamlines the setup process, allowing you to effortlessly launch the project on your local system.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Test Enatega on both emulators and physical devices for seamless cross-platform functionality.
  • Open-Source Benefits: Leverage a vibrant developer community, comprehensive documentation, and instructional videos to navigate the software with ease. Explore and customize the source code on https://github.com/ninjas-code-official/food-delivery-singlevendor.

Introducing Enatega Multivendor

Enatega Multivendor offers a feature-rich solution for multi-vendor food delivery services across iOS, Android, and web platforms. It incorporates Amplitude for insightful dashboard analytics and boasts a user-friendly design for both mobile and web applications.

Technology Stack

The robust technology stack behind Enatega Multivendor ensures exceptional performance and scalability:

  • Frontend: React Native (Mobile Apps), React (Web Dashboard & Customer Web App)
  • Backend: Node.js, MongoDB, ExpressJS
  • Database: MongoDB (with Mongoose for Object Data Modeling)
  • Payments: Stripe, PayPal
  • Analytics & Error Reporting: Amplitude, Sentry
  • Push Notifications: Firebase (Web)

Enatega Full App Features

  • Mobile Apps (iOS & Android) for Customers, Riders, and Restaurants
  • Web App for Customers and Admin Dashboard
  • Feature-Rich API Server
  • Analytics Dashboard with Amplitude Integration
  • Error Reporting with Sentry

Contributing to the Project

We actively seek contributions from developers to further enhance Enatega. Join our Discord community (link at the end of the article) to connect with fellow developers and explore contribution opportunities. You can contribute by creating issues or submitting Pull Requests (PRs).

We welcome your involvement! Fork the repository on [invalid URL removed], create a branch, and request assignment to specific "good first issues." Our development team will review and integrate your contributions, recognizing you as a valuable contributor.

Join us in building a powerful open-source food delivery ecosystem!

Discord Community Link: [Join us on Discord (https://discord.com/invite/774fJ72qwH)]

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