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Virtual Agent Starter Kit

by weaver

Virtual Agent Starter Kit gets you started with building Virtual Agent in 10 minutes. This kit has all the libraries that are required to build a simple Virtual Agent. Please scroll down to refer 'Installation Guide' section and follow instructions to install all the required libraries.

Development Environment

Jupyter Notebook is used for development and debugging. Jupyter Notebook is a web based interactive environment often used for experiments

Machine Learning

Machine learning libraries and frameworks here are helpful in capturing state-of-the-art embeddings. Embeddings are vectoral representation of text with their semantics.

Exploratory Data Analysis

For extensive analysis and exploration of data, and to deal with arrays, these libraries are used. They are also used for performing scientific computation and data manipulation

Installation Guide

Please follow below instructions to install the libraries required for Virtual Agent. 1. Open Command Line Interface 2. Run the command 'curl -o python-installer.bat https://raw.githubusercontent.com/balaji-munusamy/va-starter/main/python-installer.bat' 3. Run the command 'python-installer.bat' 4. Open another command line interface 5. Run the command 'curl -o modules-installer.bat https://raw.githubusercontent.com/balaji-munusamy/va-starter/main/modules-installer.bat' 6. Run the command 'modules-installer.bat'