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Astute - Solution to your problems

by rijwanulhoque

Team Name: Curious Coders Contributors: Mahak Garg, Shanu Vandi, Manpreet Kaur, Rijwanul Hoque Astute is a website that will help students to solve there psychological problems they might be facing due to remote education with the help of an AI counsellor. Apart from that, it is providing them with the education-related stuff along with some fun activity that they might have if they feel bored or want some time to invest into activities other than studies. And the best part of the App is that students can set a timer for playing the game and after the time is up, they will get a reminder so that they can get back to work or study. Astute Ai Chatbot Template: https://dashboard.chatmatica.com/store/template?id=351784&key=1UjsEUWOlADpFXQSstlXW5RcIReMb Open-source codes & contents that have been used in this project: Space Shooter Game Using Javascript: https://github.com/learnmux/Space-Shooter-Game-Using-Javascript

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