This kit contains the complete source code of an Android App. This app emulates the virtual lab environment. Using this app students can perform any Practical of their choice. You can use this kit to implement your own V-Lab app. Two practicals are already added in this app. You can go through its source code and make as many practicals you want to make your own V-Lab app. In short, this kit is ready-to-deploy boiler plate application with complete source code given below.

Social Impact

Problem Statement:- Skilling and Scaling Remote Education Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease is an emerging situation that brought challenges to all sectors, including academia and research. School students along with Undergraduate and Postgraduate students have been affected significantly due to laboratory closures as the institutions are conducting online classes and in these remote classes it is not possible to perform practicals. V-Lab (an android app that emulates Virtual laboratory) is a powerful educational tool that enables students to conduct practicals at the comfort of their home. An excellent opportunity to engage students with technology and in parallel to avoid unforeseen disruptions, as happened in the past two years due to the pandemic. V-Lab is a laboratory that carried out using an Android app with real laboratory-look like equipment. V-Lab can be used to replace traditional laboratory , especially for experiment that require an expensive, unsafe and unavailable equipment in lab. This V-Lab has characteristics such as low cost, high efficiency, good availability, easy sharing of resources, safe use and ease of operation and students able to do an experiment repeatedly, so they can get more accurate and precise experiment result for helping them deeply understand the concept. In short, this mobile app can be used by many students (as everybody have mobile phones these days) to perform practicals at their homes. And this app can also be used by the teachers to teach their students. Developers can also develop their own versions of V-Lap app by using this kandi kit.

Technology Innovation

We all know how Coronavirus has affected the lives of people in the past 2 years. The students are also affected. Due to this pandemic, the students can't perform Lab practicals due to remote classes. There are very few Virtual lab software available in the market right now. And those which are available are also not quite good as they have limited functionalities. So, we decided to make a Virtual lab software that can emulate Physical Lab Practicals. For this purpose, we chose to make a Mobile App. We chose Mobile apps because not every student have a PC or laptop. And every student can't afford to buy a new laptop or PC. But now a days everybody have a mobile phone. So, we developed an android app (V-Lab). To use this app students only need an android phone and they are good to go. This app is made by using Android Studio and written in Java language.

Kit Deployment Instructions

Note :- You need Android Studio to set up this project. The deployment of this code is very easy. Follow the steps given below :- 1. Click on the Source Code link given above. 2. You will be redirected to GitHub page where you will find the complete source code of this app. 3. Now, if you want to use this app only then you can just download "V-Lab.apk" file and run it on your Android phone. But if you want to build your own Android app, then follow the next steps. 4. Now, click on the green-colored Code button then copy the hyperlink. You may copy the link manually or by just clicking on the Copy icon. 5. Open your Android Studio then go to the File > New > Project from Version Control. 6. After clicking on the Project from Version Control a pop-up screen will arise like below. In the Version control choose Git from the drop-down menu. 7. Then at last paste the link in the URL and choose your Directory. Click on the Clone button and you are done. Optional : For detailed tutorial visit ""

How to use Android App on your phone

First of all you have to install this app. To install this app just download V-Lab.apk file from the source code link given above and then then install it just by clicking on it. Also make sure that you have allowed installation of apps from other sources in the settings of your phone. This app currently has two practicals. Below the steps are given to perform these practicals. The steps to perform Young's Modulus Practical :- 1. This practical is available under Physics section in the android app. 2. After you have selected Young's Modulus Practical, there are three tabs namely Theory, Simulation and Viva. 3. You can read theory of this practical in the Theory tab, perform simulation of practical in the Simulation tab and finally give the viva of the practical in the Viva tab. The steps to perform simulation :- a). First of all select material of the wire. To do this, you can either drag the icons present in upper section and drop to the diagram present at the bottom. Or you can just select material from the drop down menu also. b). Then enter the weight to be used, Wire length and Wire radius. c). After you have entered all these details, the "show results" button will be enabled. Press this button d). That's it, you have performed a practical virtually. The results will be shown in the screen. You can note the values and perform the practical as many times as you want. The steps to give viva :- a). First of all enter you details like name, rollno, etc as given in the Viva tab. b). After entering all the details, the "Start Viva" button will be enabled. Press this button. c). Now you will be directed to the Viva screen. Tere are 10 MCQs. Follow the instructions given in the upper section of viva screen. After you have finished the viva press submit button present at the bottom. d). That's it, you have given the viva. Now your marks will be displayed on the screen along with your personal details like name , roll no,etc. The steps to perform Ohms Law practical :- a). First of all, turn ON the switch present on the diagram. b). Then enter the values of resistance and voltage as per your choice. c). After you have entered all values, the Show result button will be enabled. Press this button. d). That's it you have just performed this practical virtually in this app. The results will be reflected in the diagram. You can note them down or perform the practical again as many time as you want.