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Disinformation:Starter kit-Exam Video Invigilation Monitoring

by collins lel1111

BRIEF DESCRIPTION This kit is a web application that helps monitor students more so those in remote areas while they do exams,without the need to be invigilated by the instructor physically. It is more so useful at this pandemic period where there is a high need for minimizing social interaction. When the student starts the exam,the video will start recording and submit to the instructor when the student closes the exam tab.With this those students who hire other colleague to do for them exams will be caught by the uploaded video taken during exam. Use cases include: 1.Online tutoring exam invigilation. 2.Pandemic affected zones exam invigilation. 3.Places where schools are in distant places and students can't make to go due to distance. 4.Physically challenged people can also be accessed using this approached without the need for them to go to school in person to do exam.


Used OpenCv to read the image and capture video of the person who is going to take an exam. The technology of computer vision has enabled application to take the images and video thus help in the monitoring and surveillance of person in our case the students taking the exam. This in turn prevents disinformation and misinformation as a result of exam cheating. Flask on the other hand has helped create a way that has enabled the application run on the web page.


Gunicorn is a HTTP server that has made it possible to run multiple python process concurrently.It has also help link python scripts to a deployment service at Heroku. Heroku is a deployment platform that has made it possible to run my application in the cloud.

Kit Solution Source

This is the link to the github source code: https://github.com/Collins200/ExamVideo_Monitor.git

Kit Deployment Instructions

In order to download and run the app in your machine,please follow the instruction below: 1.Git clone the application using the command: {git clone https://github.com/Collins200/ExamVideo_Monitor.git } in the linux terminal or use git bash for those using window pc's.(Git bash is an application the is a stand on its own that can be installed by searching the web browser for download) 2.Open the cloned folder and run the command: {python3 -m venv /path/to/new/virtual/environment} to create a python virtual environment. 3.Run the command: {. venv/bin/activate }to activate the python environment 4.Run the command : {pip install -r requirements.txt} to install all the required packages 5.Now stay happy!!!All is done!Run the command :{export FLASK_ENV=development} followed by the command:{flask run} to run your application. 3.Run the command :pip install