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Ludo Game Application banner This kit provides a solution using python for Ludo, one of the most popular, simple strategy board multi-player game. The following script is written in Python 3 using Tkinter Designer library and Pillow library for image manipulation. It demonstrates how to add graphics and images to your application using TKinter Designer Library. kandi kit provides you with a fully deployable Ludo game. Source code included so that you can customize it for your requirement.

Training and Certification - How to build Ludo Game in Python

Watch this self-guided tutorial on how you can use Pillow (a Python imaging library); Tk library (Python windowing toolkit ); and an IDE of your choice to build your own Ludo Game in Python. Tag us on social media with a screenshot or video of your working application for a chance to be featured as an Open Source Champion and get a verified badge.

Kit Deployment Instructions

For Windows OS, Download, extract and double-click the kit installer file to install the kit. Note: Do ensure to extract the zip file before running it. 1. When you're prompted during the installation of the kit, press Y to launch the app automatically and run notebook cell by cell, by clicking on a cell and click Run button below the Menu bar. 2. To run the app manually, press N when you're prompted and locate the zip file Ludo-game.zip. 3. Extract the zip file and navigate to the directory Ludo-Game-with-Sam. 4. Open command prompt in the extracted directory Ludo-Game-with-Sam and run the command Ludo_game_with_Sam.py. For other Operating System, 1. Click here to install python. 2. Click here to download the repository. 3. Extract the zip file and navigate to the directory Ludo-Game-with-Sam. 4. Open a terminal in the extracted directory Ludo-Game-with-Sam. 5. Install dependencies by executing the command pip install -r requirements.txt. 6. Run the command python Ludo_game_with_Sam.py.

Development Environment

VSCode is used for development and debugging. VSCode is used to get a typical experience of IDE for developers.

Gaming Libraries

Below libraries helps to create graphics and audio. Python Image Library (Pillow) is used to work on different image formats and Tkinter library is used to create Drag and Drop GUIs.


1. While running batch file, if you encounter Windows protection alert, select More info --> Run anyway. 2. During kit installer, if you encounter Windows security alert, click Allow.


If you need help to use this kit, you can email us at kandi.support@openweaver.com or direct message us on Twitter Message @OpenWeaverInc.
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