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Silent Hunters- Educanto (an all in one education app)

by samarthminocha2003

Proper education app is not only a necessity now-a-days in the COVID-19 times but is also needed to ensure remote education. Many people stay at remote locations where physical schools are not present. Hence we have an idea to build an app to give a proper school-like feel to a student not only for study or for knowledge purposes but also to maintain proper decorum and inculcate discipline in students which is the most important aspect a student learns by going to school. The app will suffice as a single platform for all the maintenance, collection and handling of educational records. Earlier it was difficult for both the teachers and students to keep track of upcoming exams, assignment deadlines, practical and meetings/class. To put the cherry on top of the cake it would be based on cloud storage, allowing access from any device improving flexibility of the platform. The application along with maintaining all the records, will also create a meeting link and assign it into the calendar whenever there will be any meeting. In this way, teachers don’t have to create meetings and the link will be accessible to everyone for the given time period. The app will also record the attendance for every student for each class and the teacher will be able to access the records in a proper tabular form(excel sheet). The app will enable the teachers to post video lectures, notes and also will have a proper format for quiz formation as well. A proctor feature will also be available on the app along with the unique feature of checking if the answer of one copy matches with another, thus ensuring an easy and fair evaluation of exam copies. Also during classes we have experienced, students tend to leave the meeting when the teachers have a question for them. The app will provide a helping hand by providing a unique feature that not just lets a person enter with host’s permission but requires the permission for leaving the session as well when the meeting is locked. key features: 1. Maintenance, collection and handling of educational records. 2. Keeping track of upcoming exams, assignment deadlines, practical and meetings/class. 3. Cloud based storage allowing access from multiple devices. 4. Create meeting links automatically and assign it into the calendar. 5. Maintaining attendance records. 6. Enable teachers to post video lectures, notes, quizzes, announcements, etc. 7. Proctoring feature for fair exam execution. 8. Leaving lock: Students can't leave the session without teacher's permission. So, this is our project idea "EDUCANTO" (Education-Encanto): an ideal education app. Presented by team: Silent Hunters.

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