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This is the submission from Team BOOLEAN HOOLIGANS for the topic -Skilling and Scaling Education. We have built an Edu-networking application that can be accessed by both Faculty and students of the same university. To know more about our application please feel free to visit: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1H69BJV2q7P3nsbbfmA1mqZwAByOZE1zSkUlHdOMaryM/edit?usp=sharing .

Group Name 1

Kit Solution Source

We at ROOKIE MATE believe that students need an app where they can explore their strengths and weakness, showcase their skills, and find tailor-made opportunities at the same place in this tech-driven era. PS: This is not the final app we are still working on it. We are going to improve the quality of the product

Kit Deployment Instructions

Software Specification We used Android Studio IDE to create the app and database used is Google firebase. The frontend is written in XML. Backend is written in java. App-debug.apk is the apk file of the app which can be Downloaded/Installed in mobile to run the app. - App might not work currently due to server API error, we are working on it so please consider.