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by manavasjack

We all know that COVID-19 has disrupted our lives in multiple ways. We have lost our loved ones, economies are hard hit and much more, but along with the virus itself one more thing that has added to the grievance is the misinformation being circulated on the internet . In the past two years, COVID-19 , has significantly affected our lives but also along the pandemic, the misinformation circulating on the internet which has potentially affected a lot of people and its important to guide people about what’s right and wrong about the virus. There is no single party or individual involved but everyone has their own motives and agendas for their personal gains. Such misinformation can be very costly as it can lead people to take wrong treatment. Moreover it also creates a lot of negativity in the general public so it becomes important that we should have a mechanism in place to track and filter all the information on the internet regarding COVID-19 and if incorrect information or information with no statistics or logic to justify it then we should remove it from the internet and punish people who are spreading these information. Our objective is to solve the spread of fake news regarding COVID 19 with the help of Blockchain technology! I feel that media has created more fear in people’s minds rather than the virus itself. Do follow competent authorities but by their own specific websites or social media channels. Some people are using online platforms to spread conspiracy theories, claims that COVID-19 is a foreign bioweapon, a partisan sham, the product of 5G technology, or part of a greater plan to re-engineer the population. Blockchain technology is declared to be the emerging technologies to revolutionize the way information is produced and disseminated. Due to the traceability, transparency and decentralization nature of the blockchain, the problem of fake news can be handled effectively. Front-end components: Local or we say native Mobile application for crowd auditors and journalists. Various Web portal for news agencies, modifiers or editors. Backend Technology: Blockchain component Microservices Programmed using Node.js IPFS (Interplanetary Filesystem), used to store data in the distributed database. We have prepared a presentation regarding the same. URL for the presentation is- https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1S0qkp-Cv3b0HwufQIXtMMqL_B_M2eDC-VhN8vIASAtM/edit?usp=sharing