Link to Youtube Video - What is Brayny? Brayny is an AI-Powered learning application, which supports complete end-to-end voice-based telemetry. It helps student practice problems on Maths and English using a voice-based AI. The aim is to improve cognitive abilities amongst children, and visually impaired individuals. PROBLEM - School is the first avenue of socializing for a child and it is this institution that plays an active role in the formative years of a child’s life. We are no strangers to the fact that children have been hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic due to school closures for almost three years now. Only 20 per cent of school-age children in India have access to remote education during the pandemic and another 60 percent of school children in India cannot access online learning opportunities. It has been difficult for the kids to alter the way they study in view of this sudden curveball that life threw at us and just adjust to the ‘new normal’ of online education. A long absence from school and the lack of in-school exposure can create learning gaps that negatively impact the developmental milestones of our future leaders. The pandemic has resulted in a paradigm shift from face-to-face to online education across the globe, and it hasn’t come easy for everyone due to the lack of requisite resources like tech devices and stable internet connectivity for many. The ease of online education does warrant that they can continue with their education, but that does not dissolve the fact that remote learning is very different from the traditional structure of education and creates a gap that is difficult to bridge online. It is the need of the hour to adapt to these changing times and ensure that the learning journey of our children is not hampered by making the most of the modern technology available at our disposal today and the potential it holds to make our lives better. SOLUTION - To make the transition to online school a little easy and engaging at the same time, we have come up with an easy to use and a positive result proven AI-Voice Based application that can be used for Math and English problem practice - BRAYNY BRAYNY is an interactive voice-based application which boasts of having a user-friendly interface and can help retain the attention of the children by being an interactive and fun application. This will help us have a high engagement for the app.The application will be targeting about 20 million+ children who dropped out of school. While using BRAYNY, the child is encouraged to voice their answer aloud which is then cross checked by the application. It has been rightly said that education must be an equal opportunity for all and we are taking a step closer to achieving the goal of modern education for all with our product - BRAYNY. Our target audience is made up of kindergarten kids and primary grade children, aged between four and seven years. We are breaking all the bars with BRAYNY by being a visually-impared person friendly app since it is a voice-based application. This application targets those parents who want to carry out their child's learning uninterruptedly at home by making use of a tech based product that is simple to use and understand. Low pace learners will get an extra edge because the application has thousands of different kinds of questions. ● Teacher and Mentors (Question Creator/Reviewer) - ○ Age group: 30-60 years ○ Question creator uses mobile phone ○ Question Reviewer uses mobile phone/laptop/PC with moderately good internet connectivity ○ Need training/handholding for unfamiliar interface navigation ○ Proficient in English language ● Student - ○ Age group: 4-7 years ○ Uses mobile phone/laptop/PC with moderately good internet connectivity ○ Proficient in English language Team: 1. Vineet Upadhyay 2. Ridam Aggarwal 3. Riddhi Chaudhry 4. Dishant Rathi


Brayny is an AI-Powered learning application, which supports complete end-to-end voice-based telemetry.

Kit Solution Source

Brayny can be deployed using the library as below!

Kit Deployment Instructions

1. Install all the packages using 'flutter pub packages get' 2. Build Brayny as an apk using 'flutter build apk --release' Note: Ensure to have Flutter >2.3 (with sound null safety)