The WebApp is hosted at Youtube Video : Github repo: Counsel it - GitHub Repo According to statistics, every 1 out of 4 people in this world face mental stress and disorder. And with the growing amount of technology and increase in competition, it is more common in students, in schools and colleges. It has also been noticed that the reasons for students to face these issues is that they cannot share it with someone, that constant piling up of feelings and thoughts lead them to depression and anxiety. Counsel It is a one stop solution for this problem. Specifically designed for students from schools and colleges, this app provides them with privacy and a comfortable environment to share their feelings. Counsel it connects the students to their school or college counselors in a way that it doesn't reveal the identity of the student, which makes them comfortable to share their ideas and views. All the communication between the students and the counselors remain completely encrypted. The app is a revolution in the student world and helps them to resolve their issues in the easiest and simplest of way. Be it their love matters, or their broken hearts. Be it their parents issue or a person teasing them in their class. They now have a person to share it. That's the reason our tag line is 'JUST COUNSEL IT'. The initial model of counsel it is based for the students, while further we are looking forward to connect professional counselors over the platform for the people who are not the part of an institution to resolve their matters. Technologies used: Reactjs, Firebase, TailwindCss

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To create single page chat app, hosted on firebase.

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1. Clone the above GitHub repo 2. Setup Firebase 3. Add your firebase credentials in App.js 4. Install Reactjs, Firebase, Tailwind and other dependencies mentioned in package.json 5. Run on your local server