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Team Tech Phantom - 'UNNATI' an online learning platform

by swatikpm

This is the submission from Team -Tech Phantom for the topic -Skilling and Scaling Education, Accelerating global parity and solving challenges in today’s remote classrooms We have built a website - UNNATI , which offers various courses like Ms Excel, Ms Word, Basics of internet, etc in the most user - friendly and interactive way possible. With the help of these courses, the less privileged people will be able to learn some basic skills about the digital world, helping them get basic jobs and also carry on their work from home through online modes. We have embedded various other features in our website as well, like fee recording/updating option for the teacher, various tests with automatic marking system, list of enrolled students and way to approve students for the ease of a teacher etc. We have two different kinds of dashboards: 1. for Teachers 2. for Students We don't just plan to provide online learning to the people in remote areas, but also if this idea is successful, we will be able to employ people with some basic skills as teachers to teach more willing students and thus the website and its courses could expand . Through this idea, we aim to make learning accessible to people living everywhere and anywhere and also aim to generate employment as solution to the problem of REMOTE EDUCATION. We have explained how to use the Unnati website in the following Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuwaTJYFhKI We have explained more details on our project in this presentation : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ptjrjUVXtxIKI2i5Rpapba4HVdqtgSfr/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=115484061215238042243&rtpof=true&sd=true TEAM MEMBERS: 1. SHIVANG MATHUR ( 2nd year CS Major) 2. SWATI YADAV ( 1st year CS Major) 3. SHAILESH KUMAR SAHU ( 1st year IT Major) (Enactus DTU)

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Kit Solution Source

We have used the following github repo for our project UNNATI.

Kit Deployment Instructions

System Requirements: Latest version of Node should be installed. Follow the below instructions to run the solution: 1. clone the git repo on your local machine 2. navigate to the folder ‘backend’ on the command prompt and type 'npm install’ 3. after completing the above step, type 'node index.js’. this has booted up your backend server locally. 4. navigate to the folder ‘frontend’ on the command prompt and type 'npm install’ 5. after completing the above step, type 'npm start’. this has booted up your frontend locally. 6. you can now run the website under the address localhost:3000 on your machine. For logging in to our website use the following credentials: 1. For Teacher: email - teach@gmail.com password - 12345 2. For Student: email - pranjal@gmail.com password - 12345