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This kit is designed to help Visual impaired people in their daily lives, by making It easier and affordable to walk dance run without any fear and worry, by using smart footware. The best part is that it can be used on any type of shoes, it is removable and easy to handle. Smart footwear provides a sensor and a camera that foresees the surroundings and notifies the person by vibrations. let's help together the visually impaired people live a better life.

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How it works: The footwear in the first part is composed of an obstacle sensors that is characterized by a detection perimeter of 180 degrees . Thus, the sole has a battery that can be quickly and easily replaced and if the user is outdoor, in case of battery-full-consumption it will be charged by the energy preserved by the conversion system. In the second part, we find the cap that contains a 3D camera for the detection of frontal obstacles. The camera has a front obstacle detection power of 4-5m, the signal will finally be converted into vibration to alert the user to the presence of an obstacle.

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The project was designed in order to help blind people to have more access to social life and to facilitate their daily activities. We created these smart shoes which will be programmed using C++ . The code we used is mainly for the ultrasound sensor of the footwear. The features will make our project to be effective and fulfil its purpose.
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