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DimiFood (Reduce food waste by prediction for NGo's or Communinty people)

by alihassanpowtoon

DimiFood is our app name in which donor and receiver input data which will be feeded to our model then Model will create report which will be showing to Admins that 1) how much food is requested 2) How much do we have 3) which food requested more and which food requested less 4) Do we have enough food which is requested more We include some libraries which is going to help us creating Graphs, if some one wants to use it he/she can do it easily such as Matplotlib. Panda and Numpy can be used for analysis, if anyone is using it they can easily analysis there data. PyTorch and Scikit-learn is going to be used for model creation and training. We had create kit according to you preferences. We had include all important libraries from authentic source, these libraries has Security, license, Good Support, Reusable, Good Quality. So any one can use it without think too much about Security, license, Support Re-usability and Quality Concerns.


This is the environment which is going to be used while model creation and training and testing as well. VS code and Colab can be use as well

Models (AI)

These Libraries are going to be used for creation of Deep learning and Machine learning models models

Exploratory Data Analysis

These two libraries of python is going to help us for Perspective analysis
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