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Getting Started with Web3

by abala

Web3 has the underpinnings to provide for a genuinely democratic and privacy-focused World Wide Web! The early web was democratic and provided unprecedented access to information. However, given the nascent state, it was highly disorganized and provided inconsistent collaboration experiences. This led to the evolution of hyper-scale providers in Web 2.0, which brought in organization, and exciting ways of social and mobile collaboration. The downside of Web 2.0 is a very disproportionate imbalance in power resting with the big tech and social media companies and zero control with the consumers, who surprisingly are the content and data creators. These global concerns around the absolute dominance of tech platforms over consumers and privacy are driving Web 3. The core concepts of Web 3 that I found most defining are 1. A fully decentralized web, based on blockchain principles 2. The users generate tokens and in many ways are empowered to influence the platform 3. The users own and control their data While the Web 3.0 concept is a continuous work in progress, the recent focus on control, privacy, and the general prevalence of blockchain are making it closer to reality. Get ready and get started! The kandi kit on Getting Started with Web3 showcases Web3 libraries to interface with the blockchain easily.

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