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6 best Ruby Architecture libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

The use of Ruby Architecture libraries like trailblazer, samson, granite, etc., contributed to the success of the framework. These libraries are used extensively in the framework for their ease of use and flexibility. The Ruby Architecture libraries are a set of tools that help you build applications with a familiar, object-oriented style. They provide a more reactive programming model and simplify the process of building web applications. Trailblazer is an open-source framework for building Ruby on Rails applications. It is ideal for any project where you have to build a complete application from scratch, but don't have the time or resources to do it by hand. It simplifies all the repetitive tasks that come with developing an application, so you can concentrate on what matters most: your business logic. Samson is a microframework for creating lightweight Rails applications in Ruby 2.4+. It's intended for small projects where performance and simplicity matter more than features like authentication or session management. Granite is a collection of classes and tools for working with relational databases in Ruby on Rails applications. It includes support for PostgreSQL as well as MySQL and SQLite3 databases, which mean that you can use any database technology with Ruby on Rails without worrying about how it works behind the scenes or what code you need to write to make it work properly. There are several popular open source Ruby Architecture libraries available for developers
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