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12 best VRChat libraries in 2022

by kandikits

One of the advantages of using VRChat is that you can use third-party libraries. This includes things like cats-blender-plugin, UdonSharp, and VRCX. The main reason why people choose to use these libraries is because they provide a ready-to-use avatar model with animations. This saves you time and effort, as you don't have to create your own model from scratch or spend hours on animation. cats-blender-plugin provides a number of utilities for working with meshes and textures. This includes mesh generation, mesh manipulation, and texture extraction from image files. You may also find it useful if you need access to some of the more advanced features of Blender's API. The VRChat SDK provides an API for interacting with users and avatars, as well as an interface for adding new features to your game or experience. There are several popular open source VRChat libraries available for developers